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BPG Dayschool and SW Convergence

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A day of workshops, talks, practical skills, good food and fun

Entry £6 Good food provided for £3 for each meal or £5 for both


Guest speakers including

Maddy Harland - editor of Permaculture Magazine on staying sane in a changing world'

Paul Mobbs - author of Energy Beyond Oil on calm rational responses to Peak Oil.

Dr Chris Johnstone - author of Find Your Power on acting positively for change

Nicky Scott - author of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle on community composting.

Plus talks and workshops on

Natural cleaning

Sock darning for a sustainable future

Green woodworking

Willow hurdle making

Urban community permaculture

Conflict resolution

Local food links

Worm composting

Wild food and tree walk

Screening of Power of Community - Cuba's response to peak oil


Please try and arrive at 9.30 to be there for the opening welcome meeting. Food will be provided by Kebele Kulture Project. Please bring a bowl, cutlery and mug

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